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Mirth Connect is the Swiss Army knife of healthcare integration engines, specifically designed for HL7 message integration. It provides the necessary tools for developing, testing, deploying, and monitoring interfaces.

Mirth Connect supports numerous transfer protocols used across the healthcare industry and numerous data formats and healthcare data standards.

Mirth Connect’s template driven approach to creating interfaces allows you to specify the type of message your will be receiving or sending, and then create your mappings and transformations using drag-and-drop throughout the application.

Mirth Connect includes an embedded database to get you up and running quickly. When you’re ready to go into production, you can store your configuration and message data in a PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle or MySQL database.

Once your interfaces have been deployed, Mirth Connect provides extensive monitoring capabilities. The dashboard provides message statistics as well as active connection statuses. Have a look at Mirth Connect Professional for even more sophisticated monitoring, load balancing and failover solutions.

Get the benefits of commercial open source. 

Because of Mirth’s commercial open source model, Mith Support offers you the benefits of a commercial quality product and support services, without the license fees. And you get the benefits of an open source, agile, community-driven development process. 

This combination of open source development and commercial services offer has caused Mirth Connect to become one of the leading integration engines available today.

Who are you dealing with?
We have started using Mirth Connect several years ago, in the days Mirth Connect was not known at all and did not deliver what it does nowadays.

In 2011 we started to implement solutions for our customers. Connecting medical devices to hospital information systems, using Mirth Connect to exchange high volumes of messages and started to develop our Mirth Connect training also.

Now we are one of the most experienced partners delivering solutions that dramatically reduce the time, cost, and technology barriers to healthcare transformation. So if you have any questions, please let us know.

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